About us

After thirty years of experience in the footwear industry, first as an agent, then as a sales manager for leading companies in the field, Enrico Randi decided to found his own, reporting and taking advantage of the skills acquired over the years. Thus was born the Randi Creazioni s.r.l.

Our goal is to transform technical products made of poor materials such as plastic into fashion items with an unique style, both practical and comfortable.

So we try to let us keep the forefront, offering products which, thanks to their simple style, are always new and current, despite the passage of time and fashions-changing.

We are specialized in the creations of PVC shoes, slippers, sandals and flip-flops; we use phthalate free and non-toxic PVC, respectful of all the world’s most stringent safety regulations.

From our partners we require the utmost professionalism, to guarantee customers a product entirely made in Italy, an high quality and an always on-time production.